Selecting the Perfect Shoe

Personalized Approach

By following our personalized approach, we ensure that each and every customer leaves with their perfect shoe!

  1. Evaluate your Foot Structure
  2. Discussion of Recent History of Injuries
  3. Discussion of your Training Goals
  4. Old Shoe Wear Pattern
  5. Foot Structure Analysis (Gait Analysis)
  6. Foot Measurement with Brannock Device
  7. Show You 4 to 5 Brands in the appropriate category
  8. Test Drive
  9. 30 Day Guarantee Fit

Your shoes tell a story, if you know how to read them. We ask our customers to bring in an old pair of running shoes, so we can evaluate the wear pattern on their soles. Heavy wear on the heel or toe indicates your typical weight distribution. Additional wear on the right or left side demonstrates possible overpronation or underpronation – the results of high or flat arches. Potential foot or leg strain resulting from these tendencies can be minimized with the right shoes.

Are you a high mileage road runner? A trail runner? A walker? We’ll determine your running goals and preferred terrain.

Do you have bad ankles? Weak knees? Do you get lower back pain after long runs? The right shoe can make a huge difference. We’ll review your physical state to help define the best shoe solution.

Your old running shoes provided clues, but we conclude our analysis by looking at your foot structure. A high, neutral or flat arch significantly affects the type of support you’ll need.

Based on our evaluation of your running style, goals, injuries and foot structure—we select a shoe category for you. You may need a stability shoe, a motion control shoe, a trail shoe or a racing flat. We’ll pinpoint the category with the right midsole density, structure and support. We’ve got styles ranging from lightweight trainers to cross country spikes.

Once we’ve selected a category of shoes, you’ll try on a variety of styles to determine which feels best. Use our treadmill or run outside on our covered sidewalk, while we analyze your gait. We’ll even provide a gait analysis, with suggestions on improving your efficiency and speed.

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