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Q: What are orthotics and how can they improve my running?

A: You’re probably familiar with arch supports, which are sold over the counter according to shoe size; they’re not customized. Orthotics are shorter and narrower than arch supports, and offer excellent shock absorption and a rigid lever for pushing off when walking or running. They’re biomechanical devices that create a near-normal anatomical relationship between your forefoot, heel, leg and the ground on which you walk. They help eliminate the jarring effects created by abnormal motion of the foot. This reduces foot pain and leg and back fatigue, and it improves postural stability and spinal alignment. Custom orthotics require approximately 23 steps in their fabrication.

They can be made for specific sports or for dress shoes with 2" heels. Each foot type requires its own prescription, and this is now done with a state-of-the-art Laser scanner—no more messy casting.

Custom orthotics, along with shoes from a reputable running store like Running for Kicks, provide athletes with the optimum biomechanical correction and your best chance for pain-free activities.

Dr. Michael A. Buck - A Step Ahead Footcare, P.C.


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