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Mike Yuhasz, Sales Associate

Marathon Runner & Winner of the Chicago Distance Classic & the Channahon 25K

How long have you been a runner? Why did you start?

I started running consistently in 1987 because I needed a hobby. I was badly out of shape, and when I tried running it came naturally to me. I noticed my stamina and endurance improving quickly and I wanted to see how far I could challenge myself. I ran at least four days a week and after three months I entered my first race, which was a 10K. Since then, I’ve been hooked on running and running competitively since 1988.

My age 50 personal bests include:
4 miles at 21:59
10 miles at 57:45
Half Marathon at 1:15:55
Full Marathon at 2:59:52

How many marathons have you run?

I’ve run 11 marathons, all of them sub 3 hours, with a best time of 2:30. Three of them have been in Chicago, two in Lake County, Illinois and two in Huntsville, Alabama.

Which marathon was your favorite and why?

I loved the Huntsville marathons. It’s a small race, the southern hospitality is outstanding and they make each marathoner feel important.

What are the highlights of your racing experience?

I’ve won two major races:
• the 1995 Chicago Distance Classic (20K), with a time of 1:05:45
• the 1995 Channahon 25K, with a time of 1:24:07
• CARA Up and Coming Runner of the Year
(You could say ’95 was a good year.)
• 2003 CARA Master Runner of the Year

How many miles do you typically run each week?

These days I run 50 to 60 miles a week, and I try to run every day. Rather than focusing on marathons, now I enjoy shorter races and motivating people in our group training runs.

What advice do you have for athletes hoping to achieve their running goals?

Consistency is important. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. If something forces you off your schedule, like bad weather or oversleeping, then adjust and keep going. Don’t let the small setbacks throw you off your overall training plan.

What is your role at Running for Kicks?

I have been with Running for Kicks since 2000. I find the customer the right shoe for his biomechanics, foot structure and activity level, whether he’s a runner or walker, going a few miles a week or ten miles a day. I also participate in our group training runs, which help beginning and experienced runners build endurance and speed.


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